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Project: Balanced Nutrition

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In a locality like Ciudad Bolivar, where malnutrition rates in children under 5 years of age oscillates in 6.2% (Salud Data. Secretaría de Salud Bogotá), information that translates into risk of suffering malnutrition, morbidity and mortality due to the susceptibility of contracting common infections, which increase their frequency and severity due to this problem.

In the Foundation Cigarra we work daily to overcome malnutrition in our population. We fight with much love to achieve better results, however, we see the need to join efforts to achieve our main objective, comprehensive quality care; feeding our 220 children, youth, adults and seniors becomes one of our largest annual fixed costs, and our goal is to achieve a stable monthly income that covers both food and services, as well as the three salaries of the people in the kitchen.

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